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Crystal Chandeliers

Your interior can be absolutely exceptional

And all you need is only one thing – cut crystal chandelier from Bohemia. Its supernal beauty, elegance and grandeur will simply amaze you. Hand cutting ensures that crystal chandelier will perform a beautiful play of colors and lights that you will enthusiastically watch every time you light up.


Cur crystal chandeliers adorn your home for years. They are highly durable and do not fade or wither easily. As beautiful as the first day, they will also be decades later. Even famous Austrian Empress Maria Theresa (1717 – 1780) fell in love with cut crystal chandeliers and used them in her palaces. Since then, one type of chandelier has boasted her name.


Crystal chandeliers are very easy to clean. You just remove the dust once in a while. If the chandelier is dirty and you need to wash it, all you need are the soap and water. That is all.


So you choose. Over 900 crystal chandeliers made in Czech Republic according to traditional production methods are waiting just for you. You can choose between hand-cut, painted, glass, metal or stainless steel chandeliers.