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Cut Crystal

Bohemian cut crystal – legend tested by the time

There was almost nothing at the beginning. Just a mixture of three raw materials called potassium carbonate, lead oxide and silica sand.

Imagine that these three raw materials are mixed in a large furnace and melted to a temperature of 1.500 °C. Hot substance is created and taken by the best Czech glassmakers. Thanks to their skill, care and experience, they form the substance into various shapes such as glass, vase or chandelier.

Only now the hand cutting comes. Thanks to perfect hand cutting, the Bohemian cut crystal gains the high quality, sparkling beauty and unique design resembling the lace.

Bohemian cut crystal is an immortal legend which has been writing its story since 1930. Czech crystal has become well known for its high quality and luxurious appearance over the years. Nowadays it is very popular throughout the world.

Get our traditional, handmade Czech cut crystal, with 24% of lead. We offer vases, bowls, plates and more in traditional and modern decors. All made with love and just for you.